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This series explores the intimate relationship between mother and child which is inspired by my own profound experience of my mother and grandmother.

My grandmother and mother were part of generations which lived through the wartime of Vietnamese history.  Their heroic characters arise within this painful context.  Vietnamese political, cultural, and social circumstances have devastated their lives in many heartbreaking events.  They faced numerous tragedies, fluctuations, and challenges including dislocation, cultural differences, language barriers, compromised social status and health problems.  Although they endured these various traumatic experiences and suffered tremendous loses, their love for their children never wavered.  Faithfully and courageously, they poured out their love and their sacrifices to open up possibility and hope for the next generation.


I want to dedicate these paintings to the Vietnamese women whose lives have always been a symbol of unselfish love and enduring strength to the younger Vietnamese American generation.             

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